About O Cinema

O Cinema is an independent, community-based, mission-driven, nonprofit arthouse cinema in Miami-Dade County and the Beaches featuring first-run films, programs, and events. Our mission is to provide intriguing, entertaining, and superior quality films that audiences will otherwise not see in South Florida. We work to ensure that the films we present are a reflection of our diverse community and that prices are accessible to the broadest possible audience. We believe in the power of films to change communities and change lives. Through a robust platform of creative, innovative, and engaging programs, we strive to Entertain, Educate, and Inspire.


O Cinema operates with three core philosophies:

  • Provide intriguing, entertaining, and superior quality films that audiences will otherwise not see in Miami-Dade County.
  • Ensure that prices are accessible for the broadest possible audience.
  • Transform Miami-Dade by creating a cultural beacon that offers films of interest to all demographics.

Aside from a regular schedule of revolving new works, special programs that speak to the needs and interests of children, families, young adults, and seniors are presented to engage new audiences while remaining true to our artistic vision. Supplementing the regular schedule of new works, occasional screenings of significant classics, rarely seen pieces, and newly restored master works are also showcased throughout the year.

O Cinema was founded with a Matching Grant from the Knight Foundation.

The Founder’s Circle

The Founder’s Circle is a group of visionaries who believe in the power of film and want to help make O Cinema a permanent world-class home for it in Miami. Our Founder’s Circle Members are recognized  on-screen before all films we show. Moreover, Founder’s Circle members receive a year worth of free admission to all films, as well as invitations to special events and sneak previews. You can become a member of our Founder’s Circle by visiting our Membership page. Please join us in thanking the following members of our Founders Circle for their valued support!

  • Jennifer Attonito
  • Ryan Capiro
  • Brittany Clay
  • Richard Duran
  • Ernie Hsiung
  • Myfanwy James
  • Michael Knapp
  • Maria Lanao
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Marc Levin
  • Anie Marin
  • Vivian Marthell
  • Joseph McMahon
  • Bruce Presley
  • Paula Raflowitz
  • Raymond Rosen
  • Kareem Tabsch
  • Marie & Salim Tabsch
  • Roger Walker-Dack