Art @ O (old)

O Cinema is more than just a neighborhood art house, it is a center for the appreciation of the visual arts with film in the drivers seat. Aside from a varied and unique program of first run films, O Cinema hosts a variety of visual arts for you to experience upon every visit.

Grassroots Financial Revolutionary by Artist Joel Richardson

Joel Richardson was always taken by the strength and bravery it took for Tommie Smith and John Carlos to stand on the Olympic podium in 1968 and raise their black-gloved fists in the air. In the words of John Carlos, “That’s what that fist meant, unification in terms of saying we can set an example and make this better for all society. It was a humanitarian issue, it’s not a power issue.”

Those men’s actions inspired millions of people to stand up against overwhelming odds and massive oppression, despite the fact that the two were un-ceremoniously sent home from the Olympics to a country ripe with segregation and poverty.

The barefooted SUITMAN with his fist in the air is a call for working people and our leaders, regardless of race, sex or religion, to act with similar bravery, and solidarity and to stand up to the massive and corrupt economic in-equalities and make the world a better place.

For more info on Joel Richardson visit his website here or on Facebook here

Artist Galleries and Stores

Before your film starts, take some time to visit the shops and galleries of the artists who call O Cinema home – as well as O’s cinema-centric boutique!  You might just find that one photograph or movie poster that you simply can’t live without or the perfect print, postcard or t-shirt for a friend.

Are you an artsy, funky type looking for a great space in the heart of Wynwood’s creative community?  Drop us a line to inquire about our gallery spaces.

the tinker tank

Calling all Makers, Tinkerers & Hackers (of art, electronics, food, beverages, science, engineering & sustainability)

O Cinema hosts The Tinker Tank every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month starting June 9th.

Come meet The Tinker Tank, Miami’s own Maker/Hacker collective. See projects in process, learn about tinkering & making, bring your creations for show & tell and participate in workshops.