We here at O Cinema are thrilled to safely welcome you back to the movies with our new patron protection guidelines. But first, let’s do a quick walk-through all the changes that we’ve made to defend your health…


MORE TIME BETWEEN SCREENINGS: Our film programming will be scheduled with more time between screenings in order to avoid crowding and so our staff can properly disinfect the theater. Additionally, one person or group enters our lobby at a time, once that person or group finishes checking in  they will then head to the auditorium for seating andthe next person or group may enter. Please assemble your group outside our lobby before entering.

MINIMIZING CROWDING: To minimize crowding in our lobby and hallways, we ask that guests time their arrivals after the auditorium is open for seating. Our theater will open thirty minutes prior to the listed showtime with our pre-show entertainment.

MAINTAINING DISTANCE: We ask that guests maintain appropriate physical distancing of 6 ft. No unnecessary physical contact between guests and staff such as handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc. Waving, nodding & bowing are permissible. Our restrooms will have appropriate markings on the floor of their entrances to enforce distancing. Only one person will be allowed in the restroom at any time or up to two members of the same family.

SEAT BUFFERS: Ticket purchases will automatically have at least two “buffer seats” surrounding your party, offering at least six feet of distance between guests.

EXITING THE THEATER: To minimize crowded walkways and restrooms, we ask that guests remain seated after the movie ends and exit row by row.  Please follow the directional arrows on the floor at all times.


MANDATORY FACE COVERINGS: Face masks will be mandatory for both staff and patrons. If a patron refuses to wear a face mask then they will not be allowed in the theater. O Cinema will reimburse any patrons tickets that are not allowed inside.

PATRON ENTRANCE SCREENING: Patrons will need to wear a mask to enter the theater and staff will need to check their temperature using a touchless thermometer. Staff will also be required to ask if the patron has been ill the past 14 days. Patrons will not be allowed to enter the theaster if they do not meet CDC temperature recommendations of 100.4 °F [38 °C] O Cinema will reimburse any patrons tickets that are not allowed inside.

SAFE SOCIAL-DISTANCING: All patrons must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities while in the theater and common areas at all times. Theater will be marked to help guide patrons.

BOX OFFICE EXCHANGE: All patrons will be encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance through our website in order to maintain contactless payment methods.  If purchasing in person, employees will suggest patrons to use cards if possible so they can self-swipe with a card reader in the front. If patrons cannot use or do not have a card, employees will exchange cash using a tray while wearing gloves.

THEATER SEATING ARRANGEMENT: Seating arrangements will follow all social distancing protocols. Groups must be at least 6 feet apart. If patrons come with their family, they may sit together, but will be asked to respect others by maintaining a healthy social distance of at least 6 feet from other individuals.

SAFETY INSTRUCTION VIDEO: Before each screening a safety instruction video will be played for patrons informing them of new covid procedures. The video will also be played within the lobby and sent to patrons in advance along with their virtual receipt before their arrival to the theater.


REMAIN AT HOME IF YOU ARE SICK: Staff will be screened and have to give a verbal disclosure that they are not sick and have not been in close contact with anyone experiencing signs of sickness.

WEAR PROPER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Staff will wear the required protective equipment (gloves, masks) and adhere to all CDC recommended standards of use of such equipment at all times.

WASHING HANDS: Staff must properly and frequently wash their hands at a minimum of once every hour. Hands must be washed between each change of gloves. Staff will advise all of our patrons to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands while refraining from touching their face.

SAFE SOCIAL-DISTANCING: All staff must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities while in the theater and common areas at all times. Our ticket booth and concession areas will have a plexiglass barrier to limit contact between staff and patrons.

PATRON INSTRUCTIONS: Staff will inform patrons of ‘O Cinemas Safety Procedure’ and assist patrons when needed. Before each film, staff will inform patrons of specific guidelines during films for the safety and health of everyone in the theater and inform them of designated exit. Staff must make sure patrons follow safe distance protocols. 

CONCESSION FOOD HANDLING: Staff will be trained in proper food-handling protocols in order to reduce person-to-person contact.


DISINFECTING HIGH-CONTACT SURFACES: High-contact surfaces in common areas will be wiped down with a recommended medical-grade sanitizing agent at a minimum of once every 30 minutes. High-contact surfaces in the theater will be sanitized after each screening and Staff will also maintain nightly deep cleaning of the theater, bathrooms and all high-traffic areas before closing to include:

Entrance & Exit Push Bars / Handles
Door Handles
Water Fountain
Counter Tops
Glass Showcases
Seats & Hand Rests
Trash & Recycle Bins
Sink Faucets

Seats & Hand Rests
Hard Surfaces
Entrance & Exit Handles/Bars

Entrance & Exit Handles/Bars
Sink Faucets & Counter
Soap Dispensers
Toilet Seats & Handles
Garbage Bins

O Cinema is part of the National Association of Theatre Owners’ CinemaSafe Program, which promotes protocols and guidelines developed and supported by leading epidemiologists to support a safe return to movie theaters.