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And Then We Danced

Directed by: Levan Akin | 2019 | 1h 53m | Unrated | In Georgian w/ English subtitles

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OPENED ON 4/10/20
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A gifted dancer named Merab moves beautifully, but his mannerisms enrage his coach, who finds them too effeminate. Merab, however, quietly defies not only his coach but his community’s hyperconservative constraints. An aura of danger emerges when he meets a handsome new dancer named Irakli, whose gifted technique becomes a source of attraction and competition for Merab. As the two fall into a secretive affair, whispers of their newfound romance threaten their respective careers. Far from fitting into the traditional coming-out narrative, AND THEN WE DANCED represents something especially joyful, romantic, and transgressive. It stands confidently as one of the most important films—gay or otherwise—of the year.

“Buoyant first-time actor, Levan Gelbakhiani goes from unknown to galvanizing star in a unique role. His presence is one of stunning physicality, proving there’s strength in what others see as a weakness in his character.”

“It’s one of the year’s best gay films.”

“The result is at once empowering . . . heart-wrenching . . . and inspirational.”