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Directed by: Frederick Wiseman | 1995 | 2h 50m | Unrated

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Over his six-decade career, documentarian Frederick Wiseman has established himself as one of the preeminent chroniclers of American social, cultural, and political institutions. Foregoing narration and conventional plot, Wiseman’s immersive, essayistic films use patient observation and episodic structure to undertake penetrating studies of their subjects. Building towards the release of his epic new film CITY HALL, this series showcases select highlights from the director’s filmography, paired with exclusive recorded conversations between Wiseman and other leading documentarians.


Originally released in 1995, this documentary opens a window into New York City’s prestigious American Ballet Theatre—its relentless rehearsals, its administrative gears, the lives of its dancers and instructors, and finally, its public performances.

The film is accompanied by an exclusive, pre-recorded conversation between director Frederick Wiseman and documentarian Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi (FREE SOLO).

“Ballet is an eloquent statement about the crucial role of art in bringing extra dimensions to our lives … As much as any seminarian, dancers have a special calling, an intense dedication. In classes and rehearsals, we see youngsters with ideal bodies looking for direction from those who have gone before. Outside the studios, they are just ordinary young people going to the beach… Then the lights go down, the curtain goes up and they are transformed into the vessels of incredible beauty.”

“BALLET, in its characteristic unadorned, unsentimentalized manner, remains unique, and its portrait of ballet dancers at work has no parallel.”