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Directed by: Robert Rodriguez | 1995 | 1h 43m | Rated R

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O Cinema South Beach

1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (786) 471-3269

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Salma Hayek has had a career spanning more than three decades, over which time she has become one of the most respected and sought-after actresses. The beautiful Latin-Lebanese actress has broken through numerous stereotypes in Hollywood and starred in many memorable movies along the way, without ever limiting herself to a specific genre. While her characters are broad and diverse, you will often see Hayek playing strong-willed, independent women. Her portrayal in FRIDA earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination, making her one of just four Latinas ever to be nominated. Hayek has starred alongside dozens of elite actors throughout her illustrious career, and yet has always stood out in whatever role she plays. Over the decades, she has transformed from a young actress struggling to launch her film career to a leading lady forever enshrined as one of the very best.

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O Cinema’s monthly series, SEASONED ACTORS, celebrates the work of an actor that has greatly contributed to the cinematic culture of our lifetimes. And for our 3rd season this year, we’re honoring the work of the ever sought-after SALMA HAYEK!

Director Robert Rodriguez picks up where his successful independent debut El Mariachi left off with this slam-bang South of the Border action saga. Bucho (Joaquim DeAlmeida) is a wealthy but casually bloodthirsty drug kingpin who rules a seedy Mexican border town. Bucho and his men make the mistake of angering El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas), a former musician who now carries an arsenal in his guitar case. Bucho was responsible for the death of El Mariachi’s girlfriend and put a bullet through his fretting hand, making him unable to play the guitar. Bent on revenge, the musician-turned-killing machine arrives in town to put Bucho out of business, though he finds few allies except for Carolina (Salma Hayek), who runs a bookstore that doesn’t seem to attract many readers. Desperado features supporting performances from Cheech Marin as a cynical bartender, Steve Buscemi as the cantina patron who sets up the story, and Quentin Tarantino as a man with a really terrible joke to tell.

“Take nothing seriously – not the action, not the gore, not the plot, not the theme. Instead, view Desperado as it’s meant to be seen – a comedy – and you’re in for an unalloyed treat; heck, you’re in for one of the funniest flicks of the year.”

“A bust-a-gut film experience that reveals Rodriguez as both a stylist versed in the mechanics of popular storytelling and a maverick whose ingenuity guides him along a singular path.”