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Directed by: NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER | 2019 | 1h 55m | Unrated | In German, English, Spanish, Hungarian & Italian w/ English Subtitles

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• General Admission – $12.00

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These are challenging times for everyone and while we have temporarily closed our theater for the greater good, we are truly pleased to announce a new initiative that will allow us to continue sharing cinematic gems with you by bringing the art house directly into your house! Thanks to KimStim & others, we now have the ability to offer our audience the chance to watch films which have not yet been made available on any other streaming platform! O Cinema has always been your mission-driven, community-based nonprofit art house theater and we remain dedicated to educating, entertaining and inspiring. Your support with this purchase will help O Cinema remain a cultural and cinematic beacon in our community.

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Join us for special screenings on 4/22 & 4/23 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

EARTH depicts seven locations where humans have transformed entire sections of our planet on a grand scale: Mountains are moved in California, a tunneling machine bores through prehistoric rock at the Brenner Pass, a landscape is shredded in an open-cast mine in Hungary, quarrying marble in Italy rips mountains apart, a copper mine in Spain despoils a waterway, a subterranean radioactive waste facility in Wolfenbüttel creates a million-year generational threat, and tar sands excavations endanger indigenous people in Canada. Initially photographed from above as abstract paintings, these terrains are subsequently explored on the ground. The film weaves together observational footage of machines in operation with frank conversations with the workers that run them. The dimensions are gigantic, the proportions out of control; the world has slipped from humanity’s grasp. “There is always a bigger machine, a bigger engine and when all fails there is dynamite. We always win,” boasts a quarry worker. Or do we?

“CRITIC’S PICK! Only an idealist invites his audience to look at the world as closely and deeply as he does as he reminds us that it is only by seeing — really seeing — the world as it exists, that we stand any chance at all of saving it.”

“Quietly urgent dispatches from a planet under siege.”