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Flying Down To Rio

Directed by: Thornton Freeland | 1933 | 1h 29m | Unrated

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O Cinema South Beach

1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (786) 471-3269

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• Adults – $11.00
• Older Adults (62+ years old w/ valid ID) – $9.50
• Students & Teachers (w/ valid ID) – $9.50
• Children (12 years old & under) – $9.50
• Military (w/ valid ID) – $9.50
• O Cinema Members – $7.50
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An optional tour of AERIAL VISION at The Wolfsonian is included in the film admission price.


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Aerial Vision explores how early 20th-century inventions—airplanes and skyscrapers, each considered the embodiment of human achievement and a harbinger of a better tomorrow—sparked an era of remarkable creativity and new systems of seeing the world. Met with awe and excitement, both technologies introduced novel approaches for living, working, and traveling and opened up previously inaccessible vertical perspectives to modern spectators, from artists and designers to urban planners and everyday office workers. This exhibition of paintings, posters, furniture, and more draws from the Wolfsonian collection to examine these heightened positions of power and privilege, revealing connections between newly available viewpoints and their impact on the artistic imagination.

Aerial Vision is made possible by Bradesco BAC Florida Bank and the Arthur F. & Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation.

PLEASE NOTE: This event has passed.

O Cinema is proud to partner with The Wolfsonian–FIU for a special film screening in conjunction with their latest exhibition, AERIAL VISION! Ticket-holders can get a free tour of The Wolfsonian exhibition @ 4pm and then walk across the street to watch FLYING DOWN TO RIO @ 5pm!

Belinha De Rezende (Dolores del Río) is engaged to Julio Rubeiro (Raul Roulien). Roger Bond (Gene Raymond), pursuing her, intends to take her away from Julio. Fred Ayres (Fred Astaire) and Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers) are entertainers in Roger’s band, which is headlining the entertainment in the new Miami-based hotel built by Belinha’s father (Walter Walker). Her father’s ability to pay for his loan is threatened when a syndicate prevents him from obtaining an entertainment license. People will not come to a hotel that lacks entertainment. Roger fills the hotel with guests by staging a startling outdoor entertainment: beautiful young women flying (securely attached) on the wings of biplanes. Julio, realizing that Belinha loves Roger, breaks their engagement.