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Miami Film Festival

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O Cinema Miami Beach

500 71st St, Miami Beach (786) 207-1919

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It’s every film lovers favorite time of the year!

The Miami Film Festival is one of the years most anticipated events for South Florida film lovers. It’s Miami’s cinematic super-bowl and once again it returns to O Cinema Miami Beach for a week of the best in contemporary world cinema starting this Friday.

The full lineup of films being show at O Cinema Miami Beach can be found here but peruse our recommendations below of films you absolutely don’t want to miss in this years edition. We’ll see you at the movies!


BINGO: THE KING OF THE MORNINGS – Fri, March 9th @ 7pm

Bingo the clown is the wacky, loveable host of a hugely popular Brazilian television show, bringing laughter and joy to millions of children. Under the make-up and colorful costume, however, Bingo is Augusto Mendes, a man possessed by inner demons and an insatiable appetite for narcotics and sex.



LOTS OF KIDS, A MONKEY AND A CASTLE – Sat, March 10th @ 3:45pm

Drawing upon material compiled over many years, prolific Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón’s feature directorial debut is a winsome, freewheeling family portrait. The fundamental dynamics of the Salmerón clan will resonate, while their eccentricities – most especially those of its larger-than-life matriarch Julita – will astonish and delight.



THE LAST SUIT – Sun, March 11th @ 3:45pm

At 88, Abraham Bursztein is seeing his place in the world rapidly disappear. His kids have sold his Buenos Aires residence, set him up in a retirement home and are even trying to convince him to amputate his disabled limb. But Abraham survived the Holocaust, made a successful life in a foreign land, and isn’t about to quietly fade away. Instead, he’s planned a one-way trip to the other side of the world.




Buoyed by stunning natural imagery, accessible science and a colorful cast of characters, this timely documentary explores the vibrant culture of Florida’s airboaters, the men and women who have navigated the Everglades for generations-and whose way of life is on the cusp of vanishing.



MAKE LOVE GREAT AGAIN – Mon, March 12th @ 9:15pm

Mexican-born director Aaron Agrasanchez’s second feature is a pointed comedy about transnational lovers in a dangerous time. Set in Miami during the Trump ascendancy, Make Love Great Again pits adorable newlyweds Chris and Natalie against a pair of unduly suspicious federal agents charged with approving the verity of their marriage. Chris is American, Natalie’s a Mexican in the US on a student visa; their nuptials can grant her that coveted permanent residency-but only if their love story seems credible.



LOVE IN YOUTH – Tue, March 13th @ 9:30pm

The thrall and ache of first love is piercingly invoked in Key West writer-director Quincy Perkins’ tender, resonant fiction feature debut. Heather has left home to start college. She finds herself grappling with challenges common to any freshman: money management, self-discipline, focus… and a crippling crush. Eric is a charismatic boy with some precarious habits. He thrives on the attention of this pretty, innocent girl. As their romance deepens, Heather finds herself submitting to Eric’s penchant for petty theft, while suffering the pangs of falling for someone whose heart seems as capricious as the tides.



JUVENILE – Wed, March 14th @ 8pm

Miami’s own Blake Jenner is the star, scenarist and co-producer of this absorbing drama about a disenfranchised young man’s struggle to balance the temptations of crime with his ambitions for a better future. Billy Forsetti (Jenner) came of age with a dearth of prospects and an abundance of angst. His friends introduce him to the fast thrills and easy money of carjacking, while a budding romance plants in Billy’s mind the possibility of a different life, one grounded in love, faith and legit work.