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MJFF18: GI Jews – Jewish Americans in WWII

Directed by Lisa Ades | USA | 84 minutes | 2017

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O Cinema Miami Shores @ MTC


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WORLD PREMIERE GI Jews: Jewish Americans in World War II is the first documentary to tell the profound and remarkable story of the 550,000 Jewish men and women who served in World War II.

Produced by Nancy Spielberg (Above and Beyond) and narrated by Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, the film brings to life the little-known story of Jews in World War II as active participants in the fight against Hitler oversees, as well as home-grown bigotry and intolerance. Speaking on-camera are “the greatest generation” of Jewish Americans, both famous and unknown. These include writer/directors Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, who tell their stories of being Jewish recruits with humor and pathos, as well as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and artist Si Lewen, both of whom escaped Nazi Germany as teenagers, then returned to their homeland to fight as American soldiers. The film also features the stories of Jewish veterans no longer with us, including baseball Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg, and writers Norman Mailer, J.D. Salinger, Leon Uris and Joseph Heller, who transformed their war experiences into powerful literature. Military service and the encounter with Hitler’s atrocities forever changed the Jewish servicemen and women who served. Returning home, they continued to fight for the values for which they had risked their lives — particularly for religious freedom and civil rights in America. In the end, the story of the Jewish GIs is the story of becoming American — of an immigrant group taking their part in the nation’s progress towards democracy and tolerance.