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No Country For Old Men

Directed by: The Coen Brothers | 2007 | 2h 2m | Rated R

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O Cinema South Beach

1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (786) 471-3269

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• General Admission – $10.00
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Javier Bardem, with his distinctive and charismatic screen presence, has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base over his expansive acting career. His versatility in portraying a range of complex characters in films spanning different genres showcases his profound understanding of the human experience, enabling him to resonate with audiences globally. Bardem’s meticulous preparation for roles exhibits his unwavering dedication to his craft. His ability to immerse himself fully into his characters, coupled with a nuanced and compelling delivery, has earned him numerous accolades, including an Academy Award. Moreover, Bardem’s choice of roles often reflects a willingness to tackle challenging and thought-provoking material, further cementing his status as an actor of great depth and substance. Through his profound performances, Bardem continues to contribute significantly to the cinematic arts, leaving an indelible mark on audiences and the industry alike.

In NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, directed by the Coen Brothers, Javier Bardem delivers a chilling performance as Anton Chigurh, a ruthless and emotionless hitman who serves as the embodiment of inevitable death and fate. Bardem’s portrayal of Chigurh is one of the film’s central pillars, bringing to life a character that is both terrifying and fascinating.

The movie, set in the 1980s in the Texas desert, follows the story of Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin), who stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and takes a suitcase filled with $2 million. This act sets off a violent chain of events, with Chigurh in relentless pursuit of Moss to retrieve the money. As Chigurh tracks Moss, he operates by his own moral code, using a coin flip to determine the fate of some of his victims, adding an element of chance to the inexorable force he represents.

Bardem’s portrayal of Chigurh is eerily calm and methodical, his steady gaze and emotionless face making the character even more unnerving. The use of a captive bolt pistol as his primary weapon adds to the cold, industrial nature of Chigurh’s killings. Bardem’s performance is a masterclass in restrained menace, with every movement and line delivery calculated to maximum effect. In addition to Bardem’s standout performance, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN features strong performances from its ensemble cast, including Tommy Lee Jones as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, a lawman disillusioned by the escalating violence in his once-peaceful town. The film explores themes of fate, justice, and the moral decay of society, with Bardem’s Chigurh serving as the embodiment of the relentless and indiscriminate nature of violence.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is a masterful blend of suspense, drama, and horror, anchored by Javier Bardem’s unforgettable performance as one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history.

“No Country for Old Men is purgatory for the squeamish and the easily spooked. For formalists — those moviegoers sent into raptures by tight editing, nimble camera work and faultless sound design — it’s pure heaven.”

“Many of the scenes in No Country for Old Men are so flawlessly constructed that you want them to simply continue, and yet they create an emotional suction, drawing you to the next scene. Another movie that made me feel that way was “Fargo.” To make one such film is a miracle. Here is another.”

“A scorching blast of tense genre filmmaking shot through with rich veins of melancholy, down-home philosophy and dark, dark humor, No Country for Old Men reps a superior match of source material and filmmaking talent.”

“It’s the most ambitious and impressive Coen film in at least a decade, featuring the flat, sun-blasted landscapes of west Texas — spectacularly shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins — and an eerily memorable performance by Javier Bardem, in a Ringo Starr haircut.”