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Polish Film Festival Miami 2019


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Nov. 21st – 24th
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O Cinema South Beach

1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (786) 471-3269

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• ALL ACCESS PASS (Access to all the screenings and events of the festival including Opening Gala, Reception and Closing Party) – $125.00


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In the history of global cinema, Poland has given the world some of the most innovative and compelling works of cinematic arts. Join us this November 21st- 24th for the 2nd Annual POLISH FILM FESTIVAL MIAMI to discover a new array of Polish films with premieres, VIP Guests, Red Carpets and so much more!


Thursday, Nov. 21st @ 7pm

PLAYING HARD (Zabawa, Zabawa)
(Directed By Kinga Dębska / 2018 / 88 minutes)

The lives of three successful women: Magda, an excellent grad student with a terrific job, Teresa, a respected pediatric surgeon, and Dorota, a powerful prosecutor, are entwined by one common issue—a drinking problem. People around Magda turn a blind eye to her partying habits because of her professional accomplishments. Teresa’s drinking becomes uncontrollable, and she gets intoxicated even at her job as the head of the pediatric ward. On the other hand, Dorota, claiming immunity, easily eludes legal consequences that she would otherwise have faced after several under-the-influence episodes. Her husband, a well-known politician, effectively helps hush up her improprieties. Superbly directed by Kinga Dębska and brilliantly played by Maria Dębska, Dorota Kolak, and Agata Kulesza, the movie explores the widespread problem of alcohol addiction with realistic credibility on the one hand and sensitivity and emotional depth on the other, while not shying away from sarcasm or even humor.

Friday, Nov. 22nd @ 5:30pm

(Directed By ​​Władysław Pasikowski / 2019 / 114 minutes)

His solitary mission was to be decisive in the fates of Poland and World War II. Tracked by all enemy intelligence, transferred from hotel Savoy to Żabno in the dead of night, he meets people who will change his life forever.

The new motion picture by Władysław Pasikowski, the director of the hits “Jack Strong” and “Pitbull: Last Dog”, is a sensational spy movie inspired by the secret mission of a famous messenger from Warsaw.

The incredible events from the life of Jan Nowak- Jeziorański are ideal screenplay material, which is confirmed by Pasikowski himself: “Our goal is to tell a spectacular story based on real life events that not even James Bond’s screenwriters could imagine. We want to tell this story in the most modern way possible, using the latest design ideas of action- adventure movies”- Władysław Pasikowski, director and screenplay author of “The Messenger”.

Friday, Nov. 22nd @ 8:30pm

IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE ​(​​W Absolutnej Ciszy)
​(Documentary By ​Łukasz Śródka / 2018 / 65 minutes)

While attending a national art symposium in 1971, a Polish artist, Konrad Jarodzki undertakes an unorthodox artistic venture: He grabs a few reels of white cotton tape, heads for a lignite strip mine nearby, and stretches a few kilometers of the tape in an attempt to bridle the space around him. A striking contrast between the rickety tape cutting through the air and the soulless and dominating landscape, so vivid in this project, represents the frailty of actions of an individual clashing with nature and a testament to the human determination to give meaning to the surrounding reality. This determination has accompanied Jarodzki in both professional and personal life: before and during WWII; in his decision to study painting against his family wishes; his career as an artist and university teacher; as well as his involvement in ani-Communism opposition. Based on a thoroughly crafted script and creatively filmed with careful attention to visual qualities, this biographical documentary shows a multi-faceted portrait of the artist, defying a clear-cut interpretation of his life, personality, and art.

Saturday, Nov. 23rd @ 5:30pm

DOLCE FINE GIORNATA​ ​​(Slodki Koniec Dnia)
(Directed By ​Jacek Borcuch / 2019 / 92 minutes)

Maria Linde, a free-spirited, Jewish Polish Nobel Prize winner, lives in Tuscany surrounded by warmth and chaos in her family’s villa. A loving mother and grandmother, she also fosters a secret flirtation with the much younger Egyptian man who runs a nearby seaside inn. After a terrorist attack in Rome, Maria refuses to succumb to the hysterical fear and anti-immigrant sentiment that quickly emerge, deciding in her acceptance speech of a local honor to boldly decry Europe’s eroding democracy—but she is unprepared for the public and personal havoc her comments wreak. Jacek Borcuch returns to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival’s world dramatic competition for the third time (after 2010’s All That I Love and 2013’s Lasting) with a visually sumptuous film. It thoughtfully considers the role of art, politics, and family in all our lives through one extraordinary woman’s tale, while also reflecting on Europe’s history and its present.

Saturday, Nov. 23rd @ 8:00pm

​THESE DAUGHTERS OF MINE​ ​(​​​Moje Corki Krowy)
(Directed By Kinga Debska / 2015 / 88 minutes)

Two sisters are forced to put aside their differences when faced with unexpected family circumstances. Marta (played by Agata Kulesza) is a successful actress, a star of popular TV series, and a single mother. In spite of her fame and money, she finds it difficult to achieve balance in her personal life. Unlike her domineering sister, Kasia (Gabriela Muskała)—a school teacher—is sensitive and effusive. Her marriage is far from perfect—her husband is a loser, always looking for a job. The sisters do not get on very well, but when their mother suddenly falls seriously ill, they start to cooperate to take care of the family, including their beloved but despotic father. Marta and Kasia gradually become closer and reclaim their lost relationship. This insightful and touching, yet humorous at times, story about family relations has won numerous awards at festivals in Poland and around the world.

Sunday, Nov. 24th @ 2:00pm – FREE EVENT!

FAMILY DAY (Animation for Kids)