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Room 237

Directed by Rodney Ascher, 2013, 103 minutes, Unrated

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O Cinema Wynwood

90 NW 29th Street, Miami (305) 571-9970

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Many movies lend themselves to dramatic interpretations, but none as rich and far ranging as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

In LA filmmaker Rodney Ascher’s ROOM 237, we hear from people who have developed far-reaching theories and believe they have decoded the hidden symbols and messages buried in the late director’s film. Carefully examining The Shining inside out, and forwards and backwards, ROOM 237 is equal parts captivating, provocative and pure pleasure. It gives voice to the fans and scholars who espouse these theories, reworking the film to match their ideas and intercutting it with layers of dreamlike imagery to illustrate their streams of consciousness. Sometimes outrageous, always engaging, the words of the interviewees are given full force by Ascher’s compelling vision. Also featured at the 2012 Sundance, Cannes and Toronto film festivals.

Filmmaker Rodney Ascher will be in attendance and participate in live Q&A’s after the following screenings:

  • Saturday, April 13th @ 7pm & 9pm
  • Sunday April 14th @ 7pm

“One of the great movies about movies.” – Variety

“You don’t have to buy any of the nutty theories in Room 237 to appreciate what director Rodney Ascher has accomplished.” – Miami Herald

“Part of what makes “Room 237″ fascinating to watch and think about (beyond other people’s loopiness) is that it shows how works of art become encrusted with their reception.” – New York Times

“It works like a Kubrickian Da Vinci Code, and it lures you into seeing The Shining as a kind of feature-length Zapruder film.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Room 237 evokes the appeal of conspiracy theories while refusing to endorse or completely disavow them.” – Village Voice

“Ascher’s unique and unforgettable film is a tribute to movie love. I couldn’t have liked it more.” – Rolling Stone

“A wacky, sometimes hilariously esoteric deconstruction of the subliminal messages and hidden meanings in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.” – Hollywood Reporter

“An intriguing documentary.” – Los Angeles Times

“Kubrick was himself a detail obsessive, and that fact makes these theories very seductive.” – Guardian

“A celebration of Kubrick, The Shining and the thrill of watching, analysing and loving film. It’s the best movie about a movie we’ve seen in ages.” – Empire Magazine

“This movie will force you to see The Shining differently, whether you like it or not. It will also give you a deeper appreciation of Kubrick’s films, including (oddly enough), Eyes Wide Shut.” – Film School Rejects