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Spaceship Earth

Directed by: Matt Wolf | 2020 | 1h 55m | Unrated

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In 1991, eight capable men and women were sealed into Biosphere 2, an airtight terrarium in the Arizona desert containing a miniature replica of Earth’s environment. Funded by a Texas oil tycoon hoping to acquire licensable technologies for space colonization, the mission of Biosphere 2 was to maintain an isolated, sustainable environment for two years. It was a mission that became a dystopian simulation of ecological crisis, after which a corporate consultant took over the venture—and disappeared the data.

The investors designed Biosphere 2 to generate a lot of press, but little was revealed about the people who created it. Using archive material and present-day interviews with surviving Biospherians, director Matt Wolf brings us this spirited documentary that follows the gregarious and visionary countercultural collective over half of a century, as they conducted experiments around the globe leading up to Biosphere 2. If SPACESHIP EARTH is a cautionary tale about the forces that threaten our planet, it is also an inspirational tribute to what a small creative group can achieve.

“Here is THE must-see documentary for a world living under quarantine…the “sphere,” which is still around, is worth remembering, especially as human civilization is brought to a consuming, polluting and short-term self-interest pause by COVID-19.”

“A lovely, engrossing documentary flashback. Spaceship Earth reclaims Biosphere 2… from the pop-culture-footnote dustbin, capturing the spirit of genuine idealism and earnest scientific inquiry… An involving, oddly poignant tale that should have broad appeal to those on the lookout for distinctive documentary features… has the excitement and involvement of a fictive sci-fi narrative.”

https://youtu.be/mGvYFB6GHRY”In true stranger-than-fiction manner, this Sundance premiere is truly out of this world…SPACESHIP EARTH is no mere 20th century curiosity; it’s a testament to the group of outsiders who did try to grab the world’s attention about climate change through theatrics and to do something substantial about it.”