Miami International Film Festival

O Cinema is proud to serve as an official venue of the Miami International Film Festival and delighted to showcase a stellar array of films from this years lineup from March 9th thru 11th. Preview the lineup here and follow the links to purchase tickets directly from the festival’s website.

AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY                Fri, March 9th @ 7pm

Ai Weiwei is a dynamic figure on the international art scene, crossing through the disciplines of sculpture, architecture, video, photography, and installation. Besides his artwork, Ai is also known for pushing the boundaries of free speech by posting critical videos and Twitter messages and championing freedom of  expression in face of intimidation in his home country…more                     BUY TICKETS 

THE WOMAN IN THE FIFTH         Fri, March 9th  @ 9:30pm

Ethan Hawke is a brilliant actor, but his performance as Tom Ricks, an American lost in Paris, is one of the most tour-de-force accomplishments of his oeuvre thus far. A recently unemployed university lecturer, Tom has arrived in Paris to try and reconcile with his ex-wife.  But the more Tom thinks he is pulling himself together, the more his universe seems to continue to unravel.  Also starring Kirsten Scott Thomas…more 

Sat, March 10th @ 4:00pm

Los Amigos Invisibles have been producing great albums and fantastic songs for the past 20 years. Their mix of pop, rock, punk, funk and Latin rhythms have defined the band.  Part concert, part music documentary; Javier Andrade’s film reveals the authenticity and the pizzazz of one of Latin America’s most loved bands. The film offers an in-depth look at a group that has become legendary and a staple as part of the world music scene….more             BUY TICKETS

BORN & RAISED              Sat, March 10th @ 7pm

In a small, seaside town, a young man learns a thing or two about love, luck and life from his well-traveled, outlaw grandfather. Bubbs for the first time starts to think that getting out of his suddenly claustrophobic small town is not such a bad idea after all…Set in Florida’s beautiful Panhandle and the romantic use of our great state’s setting gives this drama an atmospheric sizzle….more             BUY TICKETS 

ABOUT FACE: THE SUPERMODELS, THEN AND NOW         Sat, March 10th @ 9:30pm

Miami native Timothy Greenfield-Sanders has a celebrated career as a portrait photographer and documentary maker. His subjects range from artists, politicians and rockers to African-American and Latino identity. Now he takes on the themes of beauty and aging by interviewing some of the most famous female models from the past five decades….more                  BUY TICKETS  

UNFINISHED SPACES          Sun, March 11th @ 3pm

If one thinks of the Cuban revolution as an unfinished project, an apt symbol would be the country’s National Arts School.  Three architects threw themselves into designing a utopia merging traditional and modern styles. With the buildings only partially complete, the enterprise became undone by shifting political tides. Che Guevara attacked the schools for decadent aestheticism.  This film, 10 years in the making, became part of an international initiative to rehabilitate the buildings, now overrun by the jungle. We follow the three architects as they reunite on the school grounds and try to imagine the way forward to fulfilling their decades-old vision…. more          BUY TICKETS

BARACOA, WHERE CUBA BEGAN       Sun, March 11th @ 5pm

Baracoa, the oldest of Cuban cities, has just turned 500 years old. Trapped between the majestic Caribbean Sea and two prodigious rivers, this almost virginal paradise is an island within an island. It seems as if Fidel and Raúl Castro were unnecessary in the lives of Baracoa’s residents, bent on forgetting the vicissitudes that has left in its trail, in the greater island, the cataclysm of the Revolution….more          BUY TICKETS 

UNDERGROUND HIP-HOP IN CHINA         Sun, March 11th @ 7pm

China’s economic boom has created an underbelly of those already left behind, who have created their own protest subculture, and music. One of the artists at the forefront of Jimmy Wang’s fascinating documentary is Weber, one of China’s first and most influential rappers. Weber’s new, raw and energetic version of rap music gave a voice to his working class friends, students and others looking to express their sense of anger, discomfort and resentment with what was happening in their lives….more