Seasoned Actors

O Cinema’s SEASONED ACTORS film series is a monthly event that celebrates the work of an accomplished actor who has made significant contributions to independent and popular cinema throughout their career. Every three months, a different actor is selected and a selection of films featuring their work are screened. The series provides an opportunity for audiences to view and appreciate the actor’s body of work and understand their impact on the film industry. The films are curated to showcase the actor’s range and versatility, highlighting their performances in both critically acclaimed independent films and popular blockbusters. The series is a tribute to the actor’s talent and a celebration of their enduring legacy in the film world.

And for our 3rd season this year, we’re honoring the work of the extraordinary CHARLIZE THERON!

Current & Upcoming Screenings

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Previous Screenings

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O Cinema South Beach
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O Cinema South Beach
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O Cinema South Beach
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